What our customers are saying...

"When I was a teenager I had acne. I had tried everything to get rid of it, but nothing worked. My grandma got me My Momma's Tea Tree soap and Black Soap while visiting. I continued to use both at home and started noticing some great results. About 6 weeks later- presto, I had a girlfriend! So I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lessen the appearance of bad skin." - Brian Colbert, Humble, Texas


"Woo Woo! The Cotton Soap is best for my complexion. Love that fresh laundry scent!" - Kakki Rose, College Station, Texas


"I bought some Peppermint soap several years ago when Betty first started making it.  You know you always buy something cute you like at those craft festivals during the holidays. But when the soap was gone a few months later and it was springtime, I wanted more. It is so good and minty and refreshing, I love it year round!" - Anna King, Austin, Texas


"I've seen My Momma's Soap at a lot of the craft festivals in Central Texas, and she is one of the nicer ladies out there making homemade soap. Very friendly AND knowledgeable. I love the Bay Rum and the Cotton; can't get enough of it." - Anonymous


"I have to say that I do get a lot of compliments that I smell good whenever I use Momma's Soaps. I have to beat the men off with a stick." - Sybil, Adamsville, Texas


"The Lavender is the best Momma has made yet! Been using this soap over two years and I never tire of it. The combination of herbs is downright Biblical!" - Rev. Kelly Wolverton, Texas